Phuang Nam swimming pool co lt

Phuang Nam swimming pool co lt

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Since we were established in 1994, Piscines Magiline has enthusiastically worked towards making the swimming pool market more democratic. We innovate to offer technical progress, competitive prices and optimal safety solutions: so that everybody can enjoy simple access to quality and well-being.

  • One of leaders in the european pool market
  • More than 40.000 pools installed
  • Designer manufacturer. Over 94 international patents.
  • Made in France


As we are now fully aware of the need to protect the planet, the Piscines Magiline pool designer and manufacturer asserts its position as an ecological company.

Our pool structure: 80% of selected, sorted and recycled materials. The Magiline structure is alveolar, or cellular,offers better thermal insulation and requires just the right amount of reinforced concrete. ThereforeThe “eco-energy” award received in Belgium perfectly reflects the Piscines Magiline philosophy concerning sustainability and ecological awareness”.

The patented Perfect Filter and FXline system can filter 15microns, that is to say 3 times finer than a traditional filter. With these, the use of chemical and treatment products is therefore minimal.

Electricity consumption is reduced up to 3 as the patented FX pump operates for less time, while providing better results.